GL offer various varistors,including Multilayer Chip Varistors and Dipped Zinc Oxide Varistors .

Multilayer Chip Varistors (MLV) are Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) made by highly advanced multilayer formation technologies, which can offer rugged protection, excellent transient energy absorption and internal heat dissipation, The components are leadless chip structure with very small parasitic inductance and fast response time

Zinc Oxide Varistors are ceramic semiconductor devices with highly non-linear current-voltage characteristics and with an extremely good energy capability. These physical properties combined with a cost effective production have made the gapless surge arrester with zinc oxide varistors become the standard for overvoltage protection at all power system voltages. Zinc oxide varistors consist mainly of zinc oxide (about 90 % by weight) and small amounts of other metal oxides (additives) such as bismuth-, cobalt-, antimony- and manganese-oxide.

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