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How to discharge a high voltage ceramic capacitor

Time 2017-06-16

How to discharge a high voltage ceramic capacitor More
GLCAP Blue Color Mono Capacitor

Time 2017-05-27

The common coating epoxy color GLCAP GCA02 Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is yellow, now a new color of coating epoxy “Blue” is taken into production. More
Laser Mark instead of Ink Mark for Box Type Capacitors

Time 2017-02-20

Pls kindly note that from March 1th 2014 , all our Box Type Capacitors will supply for customers with Laser Mark More
CCG81 Plate shape High Power Screw Terminal Ceramic Capacitor

Time 2017-02-20

The capacitors with high power and voltage mainly used for Filter, bypass and coupling circuits in the frequency range 50kHz to 100MHz More
Mini box stock information!

Time 2017-02-20

Presently, we have following stock of Mini box metallized capacitors .If any needs. Pls contact us ASAP…… More
Mono capacitor–stock

Time 2017-02-20

GL GC02A Radial Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (Mono capacitor)--stock More
GL Strong Film Capacitors ——Box Type Plastic Film Capacitors

Time 2017-02-20

Out Case: PBT Fire-proof plastic case Electrode: Metallized vacuum Evaporated Layer Encapsulation: (UL94V-0) Epoxy Resin coated Pin: CP leads, tinned wire More