Products Overview

GL  products lines including eight series: film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors,super capacitors, tantalum capacitors ,diodes & rectifiers and varistors. The products are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, telecommunication, lighting, smart grid, rail transportation, new energy, industrial equipment, new energy and military industry.

Products list :
GF Series        Film Capacitors (Polyester, Polypropylene and Metallized)
GE Series        Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Radial, Axial, Snap-in, Lug, Screw and SMD)
GEA                Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— Axial Type
GER                Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— Radial Type
GEL                Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— Lug Type
GES                Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— Snap-in Type
GEW               Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— Screw Type
GEC                Aluminum electrolytic capacitors—— SMD Type
GC Series        Ceramic Capacitor (Low /High Voltage, Y1/Y2, MLCC, SMD, High power),
GT Series        Tantalum Capacitor (Dipped, SMD and Axial)
GS Series        Super Capacitors (Cylindrical and Coin)
GM Series       Mica Capacitor (Radial)
GV Series        Varistor ((Dipped and SMD)
GD Series        Diode & Rectifier (Axial and SMD)


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